What the press says

“Six funky guys sashaying to their own rhythms and not an instrument in sight...I will unashamedly groupie along to every show.” THE SCOTSMAN

“You can't get much closer to pure entertainment than Vocal Sampling, six Cubans famed for being able to recreate a hot Latin orchestra, a trompe l'oreille achieved with voices and mics.” THE GUARDIAN

“Musical Magic. Vocal Sampling must rank as one of the most extraordinary groups in the world... So effective is it that initially you think they must be using backing tapes, or that the real musicians are hidden offstage. They are not, and even the brass and flute parts are created only by their six voices. Their timing was impeccable, their presentation theatrical and their repertoire imaginative.” THE TIMES

“I can't give them higher praise or I would... They do it not only with artisty; they make it both thrilling and fun... It is hard not to move with and be moved by guys this talented having this much fun... Really, see them. You'll thank me for it.” THE DAILY YOMIURI

“Vocal Sampling's set... showed the power of talent to create magical moments out of nothing... No matter how well you decide what Vocal Sampling does, it won't sound as good on paper as it did on the glittery stage....The group's warmth and inventiveness made this the year's most memorable Latin show so far.” LOS ANGELES TIMES

“a sixman a cappella group with boundless vitality and ingenuity.” NEW YORK TIMES

“Shut your eyes at a Vocal Sampling concert and you'll believe they've got guitars, trombones and percussion tucked into their sharp suits. Actually, this a cappella sextet is creating the sound of a salsa band with just mouths and hands. It is jawdropping, crazy stuff and should be a highlight of tonight's Cubanthemed late night Prom.” EVENING STANDARD

“The most exciting a cappella group to hit the scene in years... The purity of their voices is immaculate and there isn't a part missing nor gap to be filled. It's difficult to distinguish the different voices as they seem to flow from one, bringing together a united body of tight, rhythmic and melodic concoctions.” NEW YORK LATINO

“An impressive tour de force... The effect was dazzling.” MIAMI HERALD

“Vocal Sampling's music transcends novelty. They are masters of rhythm and harmony as well as being spirited showmen. Performing crisp, intricate arrangements by bandleader René Banos, they prove to be serious musicians.” MIAMI NEW TIMES

“An outpouring of joyful noise; the euphoria in the hall matched that of a gospel summit... The soldout twohour show was a smash by any measure.” MIAMI NEW TIMES

“The singers of Vocal Sampling definitely have the legs to go as far as their tonsils will take them.” STYLE, WASHINGTON